Vacation Rental Owner Testimonials

The following are testimonials from happy property owners that decided to move their rental management needs over to Blue Sun Properties. We value our clients and are proud to show accolades from our clients.

We listed our two houses, one in Miramar Beach and one on 30-A with Blue Sun Properties on the recommendation of our realtor. We thought he would know who would be a good fit for us and our houses. He was right. That was in 2012 and we have seen our rentals go up every year. It is so easy to manage everything through the owners site where you can see the bookings, request maintenance or contact management. Jeff and Lucinda always call personally if there is a major issue that we need to know about. They take the worry out of renting your property.

John & Janie Loftus
177 Redfish Circle
36 Rue

Over the past ten years we have used three different management companies. With Blue Sun Properties, we have received the most rental income, netted the most considering management cost and have experienced the most prompt responses to issues relating to managing our property. When (on very few occasions) we have had to contact Blue Sun Properties, they have responded immediately and have resolved problems. We feel confident that our property is being managed it an optimal manner and very much appreciate the services Jeff and Lucinda.

Marcia Rucker

Blue Sun Properties does a fantastic job managing our Sterling Reef property in Panama City Beach, FL. The owners are very “hands on” and are always available to speak with you. Anytime that I have needed something added to the condo, ( ie ) furniture, appliances, they have taken care of this for me, in a very timely manner. If you are looking for an honest management company for your property, look no further, Blue Sun Properties is your answer.

Gary & Cindy Byars
Cordova, TN

This is the third management company we’ve used and the only one I would recommend. They handle the business in a very businesslike way, which is great because we live over 400 miles away. I can check bookings and see statements any time I want. They pay the correct amount, and right on time. I’ve told them that I’m so pleased with their management that I’d consider buying another house!

Ruth Garren

We listed our Seychelles condo with Blue Sun Properties in late December of 2014 and have been pleased with the bookings for this year so far and its only mid-July! I thought the rental projections might be a little optimistic, but right now we are on pace to meet or exceed them. The booking agents are very nice to work with on the phone and very professional. We also use the maintenance program and have been pleased with them when issues have needed addressed. They are very friendly and take care of issues quickly. I highly recommend Blue Sun Properties to others who are looking for property management.

Brent & Rhonda Collins

Best of all I like the simplicity of the statements and no additional surcharges like many other rental agencies.

Ralph Pini

From a rental standpoint, Blue Sun has done the best job for us of all the properties we involved with. We have had a problem with getting into the unit because it has been booked solid. Overall , I rate BlueSun as an excellent choice for a rental company.

Jim and Mary West

Blue Sun Properties are doing an excellent job maintaining and booking our beach front condo. We live in Maine and highly depend on their excellent service and honesty which makes owning an investment condominium seamless and effortless. The staff at Blue Sun are very attentive and always helpful. Jeff and Lucinda also do a great job being available if needed. A big thank you to Blue Sun Properties for looking out for our investment on the beach! We certainly appreciate it.

David & Kelly Clavette


I really appreciate your efforts on my behalf. I have not visited the condo since late March. It was in excellent condition and I appreciate the excellent manner in which you and your staff have maintained my property.

Jim Morin
1936 Emerald Beach

RE:  Blue Sun Properties
Jeff & Lucinda Phillips

We have two condos at the Aqua Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida.  I have worked with Jeff and Lucinda Phillips for over 14 months and I highly recommend their property management group. Our rentals have increased since they have taken over.  They are very accessible, personable, professional and pay attention to every detail.

Steve and Brandon Priest
Louisville, Kentucky

When we first started renting we used ResortQuest and were very disappointed with all the extra fees and their use of discounters like and Bookit.  Within one month we switched to Blue Sun Properties, which is a management company operated by Jeff & Lucinda Phillips.  They own a few condos in Aqua and Calypso and have a wonderful, comprehensive management program. Blue Sun prides itself on only offering top end condos, located on the West End of PCB.  They do not nickel and dime you to death and they even pay the monthly KABA fee.   We couldn’t be happier and they carefully screen renters as they do not want problem tenants or renters under age 25.  I would recommend you check out their website at if you are interested in changing management companies that do not use discounters for finding renters.

Best Regards,
Cindy Flaig

Dear Jeff and Lucinda,

I want to tell you that I am very pleased with the way you all have handled my condo rentals at Aqua and Sterling Breeze. I own a total of four condos at different beaches, and I have many years experience with various rental companies, good and bad, so I appreciate a good company like yours! You all handled the rentals at my Aqua unit the first year, and I was pleased enough that I gave you the Sterling Breeze unit the next year. Keep up the good work!

C. Richard Smith

I would like to thank both Jeff and Lucinda for taking over our rental property at Aqua in Panama City. Blue Sun Properties has done a great job marketing and renting my condo. They have doubled my rentals from last year and have simplified the process for me. Thanks Jeff and Lucinda for taking the stress out of rentals.

Brad Collins