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Why Vacation Rentals Are Better Than Hotels

why vacation rentals are better than hotels

We’re going to tackle a topic that’s become increasingly prevalent over the past few years: why vacation rentals are better than hotels. We know, we’re a little biased here, but stick with us on this one.

Vacation rentals have become the option of choice for many travelers. While there’s nothing new about renting a vacation home for your trip, their soaring popularity does suggest that something is changing about the way that we perceive hospitality. Whereas the vacation rentals vs hotels debate used to be centered simply around price, more and more it’s become about finding a place you can truly call “home” during your stay. In that regard, rentals are almost always going to be preferable to hotels.

There’s a saying in hospitality: “The single most important thing is to make people happy.” And for most travelers, the benefits of vacation rentals are more than enough to keep them happy from the first to the last day of their trip.

A good vacation rental offers a few key advantages over hotels for travelers and their families, including:



Why settle for one room when you could have an entire house? Unlike hotels, where your personal space is relegated to just a few hundred square feet, vacation rentals provide travelers with a more home-like setting, usually including multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as kitchens, family rooms, and storage space. Families who are traveling together can rent one property—instead of multiple hotel rooms—and enjoy both each other’s company and plenty of privacy.


Room service is nice, but many travelers (especially those who are trying to keep costs at a reasonable level) aren’t usually down to pay $20 for a plate of scrambled eggs—even if they’re brought to them in bed. With a vacation rental, you get all of the amenities that you need to live in luxury, without the extra price tag. Many come with extra touches as well, like pools, in-unit laundry, and concierge services, plus the perks you’d already expect from a quality rental, such as fluffy towels, free parking, and free WiFi.


Stay where the action is. Vacation rental homes are usually centrally located to provide easy access to the best of wherever you’re visiting. Whether you’re looking to stay in a resort community or right in the middle of a city, you can find a vacation rental that allows you to immerse yourself in your environment and truly feel like a local.

Ultimately, vacation rental properties offer travelers an opportunity to live, relax, and play with abandon. If you prefer to travel in comfort (and who doesn’t?), a vacation rental is always going to be your best bet.

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