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How to Manage a Vacation Rental Property

how to manage a vacation rental property

Wondering about best practices for how to manage a vacation rental property? Being a good rental property owner—and making a good return on your investment—ultimately comes down to how well you manage the home. Even the most exclusive properties won’t have happy customers if management doesn’t meet their expectations.

Managing a vacation rental effectively requires knowing exactly what tasks the job entails. And fortunately, it’s actually a pretty simple process once you’ve got the basics down. Below, we’ll go over the need-to-know aspects of vacation rental property management so that you can ensure your guests are well taken care of during their stay.

Task #1: Let renters into the home


It sounds simple, but there’s actually quite a lot to consider in terms of getting your guests inside the property. You need to be able to accommodate their schedule in terms of when they’re arriving, and you also need to make sure that the process is smooth and convenient for them.

Different vacation property owners have different ways of doing this. Some leave a key in a lockbox on the property and provide the code to their renters on the day their rental starts. Others prefer to meet their guests face to face and hand over the keys that way. Figure out what makes the most sense for both you and your guests, with care taken to never have them waiting at the door with no way to get in.

Task #2: Collect payments


How you collect payment for your rental property is just as important as how you market it. (After all, what’s the point of having a rental property if you’re not sure how you’re going to get paid for its use?) Make sure that you have a system for collecting payment that is secure and reliable, and that doesn’t require you to chase down checks.

In addition to how you collect payment, you’ll also need to solidify a system for the payment schedule. Do you want to require a deposit? Ask for the complete payment up front? It’s up to you, just make sure you’re clear about all payment-related aspects with guests so that everyone knows what’s expected of them and when.

Task #3: Have the home cleaned in between stays


There’s no excuse for having a dirty rental property. Part of managing a rental home is coordinating regular cleanings, especially in between each stay. Since it’s a big job and you probably don’t want to take on this task by yourself, work with a cleaning company that can come in and do it for you. Find a company that you trust and that you enjoy working with, and preferably one that is also available for short notice clean ups—just in case.

Hire Blue Sun Properties to Manage Your Rental Properties!


There are a lot of moving pieces involved in vacation rental management, including emergency tasks that go above and beyond the basics. It can end up being a full-time job to manage a vacation rental, which is why Blue Sun Properties offers comprehensive vacation property management services that handle all of the tasks above—and more!—on your behalf.

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