What Are the Best Panama City Beach Golf Courses?

panama city beach golf courses

A visit to Panama City Beach wouldn’t be complete without a round at one of the top Panama City Beach golf courses. This gorgeous coastal town is as well known for its stunning golf courses as it is for its picture perfect beaches, world class attractions, and five star restaurants, meaning that if you want to get in a full PCB experience, you’re going to want to pick up your clubs and get in the swing of things.

Golf courses in Panama City Beach are ideal for golfers of all ages and skill levels. And thanks to stunning greens and a temperate climate that includes 320 days a year of pure Florida sunshine, it’s no wonder that Golf Digest named Panama City Beach as one of the top three golf towns in the nation.

So where should you head for an idyllic day of golf in PCB? Here is our guide to the best golf courses that Panama City Beach has to offer.

Bay Point Golf Resort & Spa

4701 Bay Point Road

(850) 235-6950


Bay Point features two championship golf courses, including the Nicklaus Course (the only Nicklaus designed course in all of Northwest Florida), and the Meadow Course, a 7,000 yard driving range to help you perfect your swing.

Camp Creek Golf Club

684 Fazio Drive

(850) 231-7600


When it comes to golf courses near Panama City Beach, you don’t want to miss Camp Creek. It’s a Par 72 course designed to test both your skill and your strategy, with breathtaking views of water and wildlife. And beginner golfers are in luck, since Golf Creek offers exceptional professional lessons.  

Edgewater Beach Resort

11212 Front Beach Road

(800) 874-8686


With two golf courses and a total of 36 holes, the premier Edgewater Beach Resort is all that you need for either a golf day or an entire golf vacation!

Holiday Golf Club

100 Fairway Blvd.

(850) 234-1800


Holiday Golf Club is often listed among the top Panama City Beach public golf courses. This semi-private course is home to challenging greens and a recent million dollar renovation. Visit at the right time and you may get to enjoy one of the club’s hosted events as well.

Sharks Tooth Golf Club

2003 Wild Heron Way

(850) 249-3041


If you visit PCB regularly, inquire about a membership at Sharks Tooth, which features a Par 72 course and a 10-acre practice facility guaranteed to take your game play to the next level.

Signal Hill Golf Course

9615 Thomas Drive

(850) 234-5051


Visit Signal Hill for a day of golf that includes 18 holes and acres upon acres of expertly manicured greens. A lack of bunkers and a relatively flat landscape make Signal Hill a good choice for beginner golfers, as well as those who are looking for a more casual experience.

A round of golf is a must-do in Panama City Beach. Check out the courses above and find your new favorite!

Wondering Where To Fish In Panama City Beach?

where to fish in panama city beach

If you stuck without a boat, then some of the best places in PCB to fish include:

  • St. Andrews State Park
  • County Pier
  • City Pier
  • Panama City Marina

You can also find numerous sport fishing, deep sea, and recreational fishing charters all over the city’s coast. Check out more information about them here.

Millions of anglers come to Florida every year for a chance to catch some of the world’s best freshwater and saltwater critters. Panama City Beach offers the best of both worlds, having numerous hotspots and charter opportunities for all levels of angling. If you’re an expert, just bring your tackle, rods, and bait to catch some of Florida’s finest fish like freshwater trout, grouper, or red snapper. Feeling adventurous? Choose from dozens of charter companies that will take you on a fishing expedition you’ll remember for years to come.

Want To Get Fresh?


Panama City Beach fishing is rife with potential, regardless of your preferences. The St. Andrews Bay System holds the largest seagrass beds along the Emerald Coast and is home to over 3,000 different species of wildlife! With average water temperatures of 70 degrees with warm and tropical breezes to freshen up the air year-round, there’s nothing stopping you from casting a line. Panama City Beach’s shallow flats, grass pods, and deep channels are known as the Florida Panhandle’s best redfish habitats. From fly fishing to light tackle, local fishing guides around the area will help you master the art of angling.

Or Are You Feeling Salty?


Panama City Beach’s picturesque shoreline is bursting at the seams with mackerel, flounder, and speckled trout that all deserve to be made into a trophy and placed above the mantle. Out on the bay and deeper out, you’ll find tarpon, redfish, and false albacore as well as pompanos, cobias, and snapper. There’s always something in season here at Panama City Beach! Try deep sea fishing and battle ferocious sharks and majestic sailfish, or fill up your cooler with Spanish mackerel for some delicious meals.

Grab Yourself A Charter Or Fly Solo


Alongside the 3,000 species of native wildlife, this little slice of tropical paradise is also home to the finest charter companies this side of the Gulf. From light-tackle and inshore fishing to deep water trawling and kayak fishing and more, Panama City Beach knows how to do it. You’ll also probably need to book some accommodations, something we here at Blue Sun Properties specialize in. We’ll set you up in a beautiful condo located in the heart of some of the best restaurants, shopping outlets, and other activities that will keep the family busy while you go off with your rod and your tackle.

How Do I Start?


You might be wondering to yourself “is a fishing license required in Florida?” The answer is yes, but it’s incredibly simple to get one! To apply for a license, visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website and use the drop-down menu to find the types of licenses you’re looking for. If you don’t want to purchase a three or seven-day license, you can always spend $6 a day to cast your line at one of Panama City Beach’s great piers!

Book Your Vacation Now!


With Blue Sun Properties, all the stops are pulled out to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. Rent one of our condos and experience the best of Florida fishing with a vacation you’ll never forget!

How to Manage a Vacation Rental Property

how to manage a vacation rental property

Wondering about best practices for how to manage a vacation rental property? Being a good rental property owner—and making a good return on your investment—ultimately comes down to how well you manage the home. Even the most exclusive properties won’t have happy customers if management doesn’t meet their expectations.

Managing a vacation rental effectively requires knowing exactly what tasks the job entails. And fortunately, it’s actually a pretty simple process once you’ve got the basics down. Below, we’ll go over the need-to-know aspects of vacation rental property management so that you can ensure your guests are well taken care of during their stay.

Task #1: Let renters into the home


It sounds simple, but there’s actually quite a lot to consider in terms of getting your guests inside the property. You need to be able to accommodate their schedule in terms of when they’re arriving, and you also need to make sure that the process is smooth and convenient for them.

Different vacation property owners have different ways of doing this. Some leave a key in a lockbox on the property and provide the code to their renters on the day their rental starts. Others prefer to meet their guests face to face and hand over the keys that way. Figure out what makes the most sense for both you and your guests, with care taken to never have them waiting at the door with no way to get in.

Task #2: Collect payments


How you collect payment for your rental property is just as important as how you market it. (After all, what’s the point of having a rental property if you’re not sure how you’re going to get paid for its use?) Make sure that you have a system for collecting payment that is secure and reliable, and that doesn’t require you to chase down checks.

In addition to how you collect payment, you’ll also need to solidify a system for the payment schedule. Do you want to require a deposit? Ask for the complete payment up front? It’s up to you, just make sure you’re clear about all payment-related aspects with guests so that everyone knows what’s expected of them and when.

Task #3: Have the home cleaned in between stays


There’s no excuse for having a dirty rental property. Part of managing a rental home is coordinating regular cleanings, especially in between each stay. Since it’s a big job and you probably don’t want to take on this task by yourself, work with a cleaning company that can come in and do it for you. Find a company that you trust and that you enjoy working with, and preferably one that is also available for short notice clean ups—just in case.

Hire Blue Sun Properties to Manage Your Rental Properties!


There are a lot of moving pieces involved in vacation rental management, including emergency tasks that go above and beyond the basics. It can end up being a full-time job to manage a vacation rental, which is why Blue Sun Properties offers comprehensive vacation property management services that handle all of the tasks above—and more!—on your behalf.

For management services and additional vacation rental ownership advice, get in touch with the Blue Sun team today.


Where To Vacation This Summer

where to vacation this summer

If you’re still deciding on where to vacation this summer, then you must consider Panama City Beach. Holiday vacations come and go, but only the charm of Panama City Beach has what it takes to build truly unforgettable memories.

This sunny beach town located on Florida’s northwest Gulf Coast has long been one of the world’s top summer vacation spots in Florida thanks to its white sands, iconic shoreline, and a broad range of exciting activities and adventures. A trip to Panama City Beach is the perfect way to say goodbye to the cold winter blues and hello to some fun in the sun.

If you’re planning a Florida summer vacation and you’re not sure where to go, here are four reasons that would put Panama City Beach right at the top of anybody’s list.

1: There’s Something For Everyone


Panama City Beach is incredibly family friendly. Some Florida vacation ideas for families include taking your little ones to swim with the dolphins, signing up for a beginners’ scuba diving tour, hopping on a boat for a kid-friendly fishing tour, or driving out to one of Panama City Beach’s many gorgeous hiking spots! There are endless ways to delight and entertain children and adults alike in the gem of Florida’s Gulf Coast, and they all make for a truly unforgettable vacation.

2: Enjoy Some True Southern Hospitality


The tropical coastlines of Panama City Beach are located less than 100 miles from the Alabama border, creating the flawless combination of Florida fun and traditional Southern charm. Service with a smile is part and parcel of Panama City Beach restaurants and attractions, and there is never a shortage of easy-going, happy-go-lucky vibes. You’ll instantly feel welcomed into the community with plenty of folks determined to make your stay as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

3: World-Class Dining


A destination famous and celebrated for its seafood, Panama City Beach attracts all sorts of foodies with its 5-star dining, beachside food shacks, and the freshest catches of the day. Planning something special during your holiday? PCB also boasts some of the world’s most eclectic and unique dining hotspots, including one restaurant with a 25,000-gallon aquarium full of tropical fish!

4: Behold The Magnificence Of The Shore


One of Florida’s unofficial Wonders of the World, PCB’s shoreline stretches for 27 miles along Florida’s stunning Gulf Coast; beach bums have more than enough space to stretch out and soak up some rays. Want a beach day that’s a little bit more lively? You can find that easily, with planned events and parties constantly taking place right on the beachfront! If crystal blue waters and white sugar sands are your thing, we promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Make Panama City Beach Your Next Summer Vacation Destination!


At Blue Sun Properties, we know that the best vacations require the best accommodations. We have a wide selection of rentals designed to help you make the most of your Panama City Beach summer vacation, with central locations, affordable prices, and all of the amenities that your family needs to have a memorable experience. Browse our PCB rentals today!

Why Vacation Rentals Are Better Than Hotels

why vacation rentals are better than hotels

We’re going to tackle a topic that’s become increasingly prevalent over the past few years: why vacation rentals are better than hotels. We know, we’re a little biased here, but stick with us on this one.

Vacation rentals have become the option of choice for many travelers. While there’s nothing new about renting a vacation home for your trip, their soaring popularity does suggest that something is changing about the way that we perceive hospitality. Whereas the vacation rentals vs hotels debate used to be centered simply around price, more and more it’s become about finding a place you can truly call “home” during your stay. In that regard, rentals are almost always going to be preferable to hotels.

There’s a saying in hospitality: “The single most important thing is to make people happy.” And for most travelers, the benefits of vacation rentals are more than enough to keep them happy from the first to the last day of their trip.

A good vacation rental offers a few key advantages over hotels for travelers and their families, including:



Why settle for one room when you could have an entire house? Unlike hotels, where your personal space is relegated to just a few hundred square feet, vacation rentals provide travelers with a more home-like setting, usually including multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as kitchens, family rooms, and storage space. Families who are traveling together can rent one property—instead of multiple hotel rooms—and enjoy both each other’s company and plenty of privacy.


Room service is nice, but many travelers (especially those who are trying to keep costs at a reasonable level) aren’t usually down to pay $20 for a plate of scrambled eggs—even if they’re brought to them in bed. With a vacation rental, you get all of the amenities that you need to live in luxury, without the extra price tag. Many come with extra touches as well, like pools, in-unit laundry, and concierge services, plus the perks you’d already expect from a quality rental, such as fluffy towels, free parking, and free WiFi.


Stay where the action is. Vacation rental homes are usually centrally located to provide easy access to the best of wherever you’re visiting. Whether you’re looking to stay in a resort community or right in the middle of a city, you can find a vacation rental that allows you to immerse yourself in your environment and truly feel like a local.

Ultimately, vacation rental properties offer travelers an opportunity to live, relax, and play with abandon. If you prefer to travel in comfort (and who doesn’t?), a vacation rental is always going to be your best bet.

Book your vacation rental today


We have plenty of stunning Panama City Beach vacation rentals to choose from, but demand is high. Book your property today so that you don’t miss out!

Give us a call at 850-249-3992 to make your booking or search available properties (including one-, two, and three- bedroom resort condos) and book online. We can’t wait to host you!

What To Do in Panama City Beach?

what to do in panama city beach

Wondering what to do in Panama City Beach? At Blue Sun Properties, we’ve been offering beachfront vacation rentals for years, so we know a thing or two about the local attractions.

As one of the most infamous vacation destinations in Florida, this beautiful coastal region has tons to offer both vacationers and natives. Scenic walks along the thin strip of beach, tours of forested state parks, and walkthroughs of botanical zoos, there are endless possibilities in this haven retreat.

So, let’s get into it!

Panama City Beach Activities


Vacationers and tourists will find no shortage of things to do in Panama City Beach. Obviously, you’re more than welcome to bake all day under the sunny beach rays, but for those looking for a little more excitement, you have plenty of other options.

Right off the bat, you can enjoy the 1,200 acre St. Andrews State Park, located a measly three miles east of Panama City Beach. Only a short car ride separates you from visiting the sugary white sands and wildlife migratory hotspot of this state park. And this isn’t the only taste of wildlife you can experience.

Just another short drive away inland, you’ll find Zoo World, a dedicated facility providing interactive experiences with over 260 different animals. You can feed them, watch showings, and attend informational sessions about their natural habitats. It’s great for families with children and large groups looking for something fun to do together.

Or, if wildlife isn’t your flow, you can try out the various waterparks like Shipwreck Island, or shopping malls like Pier Park Drive. No matter what you’re looking for, Panama City will provide it. This is one of Florida’s most popular vacation spots for reason!

Panama City Beachfront Condos


The best part about these attractions is that you can enjoy them from total comfort. At Blue Sun Properties, we offer some of the best places to stay in Panama City Beach. Our beachfront condo rentals are located right off the water, with full amenities and beach services. We have a rental available in Grand Panama City Resort that recently received a top-to-bottom renovation including all new furniture, hard surface flooring, and a fresh coat of paint.

If you prefer the ease and privacy of a townhome, we have tons for rent, too. We have one of these located just off the beach, with new renovations, 3 bedrooms, and beach access. We provide only the best appliances, like stainless steel fridges, granite countertops, and updated lighting. You can simply wake up with the morning sun, grab your towel, and stroll down to the beach to begin your relaxation.

Book Now!


Availability is extremely limited, so starting planning your vacation today by heading over to our vacation planner. You’ll find information about local hotspots, attractions, and restaurants in the area. Your vacation is waiting, contact us today!

Where To Stay In Panama City Beach

It’s not easy trying to figure out where to stay in Panama City Beach. As a well-known Floridian vacation destination, it may seem overwhelming venturing into the rental space for this area. Many people try to find house or condo rentals along the beachfront either near the city center, where the attractions are located or towards the beach for quick water access. Many families tend to congregate near the beaches, but with our property listings, we can find you an ideal place anywhere in the greater Panama City Beach area, including some listings in Destin as well.

If there’s one thing that Panama City Beach renters want, it’s the beach. We’re confident, that while people may having trouble finding rentals, they all want to enjoy the beach in some form. Nearly all of our property listings in PCB have a beautiful view of the shimmering Gulf of Mexico and the sugary beaches that adorn its edges. Our rentals have tons to offer guests; amazing sights, hotel-level amenities, spacious rooms, and enough options from our 1-4 bedroom accommodations. We never want guests to spend countless hours trying to find the right rental, whether you’re planning a solo vacation or something for the entire family.

Where To Stay In Panama City BeachWhere To Find Vacation Rentals?


So, we’ve established that you’ll want to stay somewhere near the beach, but now you’re probably trying to figure out where to find vacation rentals in PCB. Well, that’s even easier for you. Our website lists dozens of available vacation rentals across Panama City Beach and Destin, including Miramar and Blue Mountain Beach. All of these listings can be found on our website, accompanied by a property description, sleeping arrangements, and prior guest reviews so that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into.

Get The Best Deal


Perhaps houses are not what you’re looking for? No big deal, we have condo rentals too, and our prices are extremely competitive. We constantly have special promos active for new condo reservations, whether its a base rate discount or money off for attending local events, like the Seabreeze Jazz Festival. Currently, we have our “taketen” coupon code redeemable at check-out for a 10% base rate discount on your condo rental. The code must be entered during final booking or the discount will not be included with your rates.

How To Rent Vacation Homes?


It’s time to start planning your beach vacation now. Don’t worry about how to rent vacation homes, we got you covered. Our site makes the entire process easy for guests, just find your preferred listing, specify the number of people in your party, the arrival, and departure dates, and then simply click Book Now. At the listing level, guests can also check and view availability, rates, reviews, room details, and map locations so that you can get the most well-rounded picture of your rental choice.

Panama City Beach Condo Rental Location Map

Panama City Beach Condo Location Map
Condo Location Map

Blue Sun Properties Condo Location Map

We have recently updated our condo rental location map to include a link to listings we manage at each location. The new map page harnesses the power of Google Maps coupled with a plugin that allows us to insert additional info about each condo or rental property location. You can get driving directions, a street view, and even click to view the properties we manage at each location. Simply click on the red location markers to pop up additional information for each location. To view the Panama City Beach Condo Rental Location Map click the link provided in this posting or click the screen shot of the map.

Blue Sun Properties Welcomes Chris Stage

ChrisStageBlue Sun Properties is pleased to introduce the newest member of our team, Chris Stage.

Mr. Stage is an accomplished hospitality industry professional, experienced in both hotel and condominium management. He has a record of excellence in managing of rental and hotel properties in the Panama City Beach area. Chris has an in-depth knowledge of the area events and the skills to promote them to our future guests. He has worked with several premier condominium properties in the Panhandle and understands the need to balance the owners’ investments with the expectations of the guests.

Please join us in welcoming Chris to our team. We are excited that he has decided to grow with us at Blue Sun Properties.

Blue Sun Properties Is Hiring

Blue Sun Properties is currently hiring for the following positions;

Blue Sun Properties LLC is currently accepting applications for Guest/Owner Services Agents.

Applicants must possess excellent customer service, communication skills, problem solving skills, a professional appearance and the ability to work flexible hours.  WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS ARE A MUST!

Applications submitted without an attached resume will not be considered.

Responsibilities include assisting guests with check-in and check-out process, managing and providing concierge services, housekeeping inspections, and various other administrative duties.  Hospitality experience helpful, but not necessary. This position requires work outside of an office environment and strong problem solving skills. Duties include ensuring accommodations are maintained to the highest level, working closely with housekeeping vendors and maintenance vendors, assisting new owners with initial set up of vacation property, assisting guests in selecting and reserving vacation properties and efficient processing of all guest inquiries and/or complaints to appropriate personnel in order to maintain the highest level of guest satisfaction during their stay.

Guest/Owner Services Agents Job Posting and Online Application




Blue Sun Properties LLC is currently accepting applications for Reservations Agents.

Applicants must possess excellent customer service, communication skills, a professional appearance and the ability to work flexible hours.  WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS ARE A MUST!

Applications submitted without an attached resume will not be considered.

Responsibilities include assisting guests with check-in and check-out process, managing and providing concierge services, and various other administrative duties.  Hospitality experience helpful, but not necessary. Duties include assisting guests in selecting and reserving vacation properties and efficient processing of all guest inquiries and/or complaints to appropriate personnel in order to maintain the highest level of guest satisfaction during their stay.


Reservations Agent Job Posting and Online Application