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Blue Sun Properties Rental Management

Blue Sun Properties is a luxury vacation rental management company that features rental properties from upscale homes and condos in Panama City Beach, Destin, and Scenic 30A Florida. Founded in 2008 by Jeff and Lucinda Phillips, Blue Sun Properties aims to offer great service to vacation rental seekers as well as offer an affordable quality alternative to other vacation property management groups.

We aren’t like other rental management companies; we are vacation property owners too and we understand the investment made and the desire to maintain our beautiful vacation homes. On the flip side, we were vacationing guests here for years and understand what our guests have come to expect from a top-notch rental management company.

Our Mission

Blue Sun Properties mission is to maintain and enhance the value of your vacation property while at the same time increasing the perceived rental value of your investment.

Exceptional Service

Blue Sun Properties LLC is taking Vacation Rental Management to a new level of service. Lower commissions, less fees, white glove housekeeping, attentive maintenance, and trouble free management of your vacation rental is what we offer.
Blue Sun Properties wants to make owning your vacation rental as easy and profitable as it can be. Our program offers the following services;

Program Highlights

1. No Credit Card Fees
2. No Kaba Lock Monthly Fees
3. Affordable Maintenance
4. Once A Year Carpet Cleaning
5. No Advertising Fees
6. No Restrictions On Use
7. 25% Commission On Rental Revenue
8. 15% Commission On Qualified Owner Referrals
9. We Are Owners Too – We understand the needs of the condo owner

What We Do

Advertising and promotion of property -We will actively pursue traffic to your listing by promoting your property on a number of web sites.

Rate Surveys – We do market analysis to determine competitive rental rates for different seasonal periods (rates are owner approved prior to publication).

Cleaning & Housekeeping – Your property is consistently and thoroughly cleaned, the linens are fresh, and everything is ready for the next guest.

Maintenance and Repairs – Is there a light bulb out? Does an air conditioner filter need to be replaced? Is a drain clogged? Blue Sun Properties will keep your property in proper working order. For larger projects, Blue Sun Properties contracts with the most responsive and highest quality vendors, and passes the pricing advantages on to you. See details on our Maintenance Program below.

Inspections – Regular departure and maintenance inspections ensure your property will always be at it’s best.

Once a year deep cleaning – Even though we will provide white glove housekeeping, every year we will give your property a deep cleaning to ensure even your most discriminating guests are pleased with the accommodations.

Annual carpet cleanings – Just what it says. once a year we will clean your carpets to keep your property at it’s best.

Accounting and Payment Processing – Blue Sun Properties will collect all fees, deposits, and taxes and issue monthly disbursements to you along with monthly statements.

Reservation Management – Blue Sun Properties will process all rental inquiries and make reservations for you. We will maintain booking calendars and monitor check in and check out.

Customer Service – Along with the great customer service we will provide for you, we will also provide world class customer service to your guests. We will respond to inquiries with a personal touch and ensure your guests enjoy their stay. Returning guests are the best guests.

Blue Sun Properties Maintenance Program

Blue Sun Properties recognizes that preventative maintenance is essential for the care of your investment and the satisfaction of your guests.  Our trained staff will provide preventative and ongoing maintenance for your vacation rental.

Minor Repairs

When minor repairs or maintenance is required, the work will largely be performed by our maintenance technician. Preventative maintenance is a key component to the preservation of your investment. There are various tasks we perform, such as changing air conditioning filters and keeping AC drain lines clear. This is essential for the efficient performance of your AC unit in addition to conserving electricity.

A few items we provide at no cost to you are replacements of light bulbs, remote control batteries, 9-volt batteries for smoke detectors, and air filters.

Monthly Maintenance Program

Our monthly maintenance program covers all minor maintenance issues that may arise. Examples: Light bulbs, air filters, minor plumbing problems, batteries or issues that fall into our skill level. The monthly fee does not cover materials. An example would be if your garbage disposal fails and needs to be replaced. You would only be charged for parts, but not labor. The monthly fee is $35.

Major Repairs

For larger jobs, we have reputable contractors who are available for any work that our maintenance technician cannot perform. Typically, the major work consists of the air conditioning, plumbing and electrical components. The average costs for the major items range from $65-$85 per hour. If the job exceeds $250, we will consult with you prior to making any repairs. We respond to all emergency requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Rental Management Comparison Blue Sun Properties Other Management Groups
Management Commission *Flat 25% on Rental Income Only *Varies From 15% to 30%
Reservation Fee N/A Varies From 3% to 5%
Processing Fee N/A $10
Credit Card Processing Fee N/A Varies From 3% to 5%
Kaba Lock Monthly Fee We Pay It* You Pay $12 to $14 Monthly

*We charge a flat rate 25% commission on rental income only. If the unit rents for $1600, we only take 25% commission on $1600.
*Some management companies charge commission on rental income + security deposit + taxes + cleaning fees resulting in higher commission fees than advertised.

Hypothetical Income Comparison* Blue Sun Properties Other Management Company
7 night Gross Rental Revenue $1600 $1600
Commission $400 (Based on 25%) $400 (Based on 25%)
Processing Fee $0.00 $10.00
Reservation Fee $0.00 $64.00
Card Processing Fee $0.00 $62.40
Kaba Monthly Charge $0.00 $12.00
Maintenance Items
Replace Light Bulb $0.00 $5.00
Labor To Replace Light Bulb $0.00 $45.00 (Based on 1 hour minimum labor charge)
Net Revenue To Owner $1200 $1001.60

That’s almost $200 on overage savings per rental that could add up to $800 increased revenue per month

*This is a hypothetical gross/net revenue comparison and we do not guarantee any specified dollar value savings.

*If you move your vacation rental management to us, we will pay the monthly Kaba lock management fee as long as you remain a client of ours.

Join Us Today

If you would be interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us via email or call Jeff Phillips at 270-836-9736 or Lucinda Phillips at 270-836-7206.

Blue Sun Properties LLC. We Do The Beach.

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